Méthodes de Guérison Mesmériques - Partie 4 - Thérapie par les Passes Magnétiques!

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Dans la partie 4, nous vous montrons un autre système puissant de guérison, de régénération et d'hypnose plus profonde: la thérapie par passes magnétiques. Passes hypnotisent sans toucher et créent facilement un soulagement émotionnel et physique. Les passages magnétiques sont entièrement non verbaux, ils atteignent les niveaux les plus profonds de l'esprit et régénèrent profondément l'organisme entier. En conjonction avec le regard les passes magnétiques sont une méthode puissante pour amener la personne à des états de guérison supérieurs.
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Directly from dr. PARET foremost world's expert in these techniques.

What we want to teach you in our unique school is the secret science and practice behind animal magnetism and real fascination updated with the most recent quantum discoveries. You will connect your preparation as an hypnotist, mesmerist and fascinator to inner alchemical rejuvanation and empowering techniques. Dr. Paret has updated the whole with the most recent studies on man and mind, but keeping the spirit of the ancients. ➤ LEARN FROM DR PARET - THE FOREMOST EXPERT IN NON VERBAL HYPNOTISM - Dr. Paret diffuses mesmerism, hypnotic gaze and non verbal hypnotism, and he applies with incredible success this ancient and powerful methodology into which he was personally initiated. ➤ WHAT IS MESMERISM? Mesmerism is completely different from modern hypnosis.
➤ THE NON VERBAL IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE VERBAL Learning to mesmerise means understanding the non verbal
➤ MESMERISM AND FASCINATION ARE EUROPEAN TECHNIQUES... Mesmerism and animal magnetism practices come from the Western school corresponding to the use of Prana or Ki (Chi) in Orient. The approach is very aimed at therapeutical results with strong effects. ➤ THE SECRETS OF MESMERISM... Back in time, the ancient priests of Egypt knew the POWER OF THE EYE and of magnetism. What is amazing in mesmerism is its extreme EFFICACITY. Parts of the teachings of this school were never completely disclosed in print. Dr. Paret, who is a genuine practitioner, teaches many secrets never divulged before which allow a better understanding of practical applications of these techniques and their actualness. ➤ THE PARETIAN SCHOOL: his school is the true original school that started the rediffusion of mesmerism and animal magnetism and from which almost every other actual practitioner learnt the techniques. Many of the powerful results of Mesmerism are scarcely reachable if only pursued through verbal hypnosis or other techniques. ➤ THE ORIGINAL POWERFUL LINEAGE... Dr. Paret has learnt from his masters, whose pure lineage go back in time until Franz Anton Mesmer, and before. One other of his lineage goes also to Count of Saint Germain that in any case was also in correspondance with Mesmer...
Mesmerism is also at the origin of hypnosis and hypnotists and hypnotherapist and every kind of therapists can only gain in learning it.
Each hypnosis course and hypnotherapy training should teach also mesmerism.
If you want to learn fast hypnosis techniques in reality you should also stick to mesmeric practice, as the non verbal reaction is faster and deeper than the verbal.
Also you will get a somnabulistic state very interesting.

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And we already had students from countries were hypnosis is spelt:

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Méthodes de guérison, nouvelle médécine
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